Attract Whitetail Bucks, Every hunter’s dream

Every hunter dreams of being in an area that has plenty of whitetail bucks but how exactly do you attract them and what are the best ways in which to do so? Below are some great ways to attract these elusive animals to your hunting ground.

Hunters often debate how to attract more whitetail bucks and, over the years, this has become quite a controversial issue and every hunter has their own philosophy and beliefs. However, what they all have in common is a love for hunting and a desire to have plenty of mature bucks to choose from.

The good news is that there is actually a lot you can do to attract bigger and better bucks to your land. If you consider that a whitetail buck naturally goes in search for good quality food, water and cover, you will understand what you need to do.

Cover should be good quality.

When it comes to whitetail bucks, not any type of cover is suitable and they are always looking for the best cover possible. Good cover for bucks should be thick and offer a lot of visual protection from predators, in addition to physical shelter from environmental factors, such as the wind and sun.

A mature whitetail buck does not enjoy human disturbance and interference in its territory and will seek out an area that creates a barrier between them. Therefore, if you are serious about attracting large numbers of mature whitetail bucks, you need to have vast tracts of thick habitat that they will love.

Native grass is best.

When it comes to cover and protection, always try to opt for natural grasses and this offers the best possible visual protection for whitetail bucks.

Even if you are a novice hunter, you will have already noticed that whitetail bucks have a propensity to seemingly completely disappear when surrounded by an area of native grass.

They really enjoy bedding down and remaining in areas of tall, native grass and you will often find large numbers of them in native grass.

Of course, there is a wide range of native grasses available but the best kind is definitely switch grass, big blue stem or Indian grass.

If you really want to plant the best kind of native grass for your land, we recommend making contact with a wildlife expert who can advise you on the best way forward for your area.

Try to limit mowing during the fall.

Even if your land has been left to its own devices and you have allowed certain areas to grow wild, there comes a time when you inevitably have to do some mowing. If you must mow, try to do this during the late winter or in early spring as this is before the nesting season starts for turkeys and fawns begin to appear.

A major disadvantage of mowing fields during the fall is that there will probably not be enough time for the grass to reach the desired height for whitetails before it starts to get cold. In this case, the habitat will be unpopular with the buck population and they will try to look elsewhere for cover.

Obviously, you might be forced to mow during the fall if you really need to create a fire break or give yourself good access on the trails to your tree stands, but you should think carefully before doing so.

What is even better is if your neighbors choose to mow during the fall as any whitetails on their property will more than likely seek refuge in yours!

Try to create plenty of bedding areas in south-facing areas and slopes.

To really make the most of the hunting opportunities on your property and to give yourself the best possible chances of excellent late season hunting, try to make sure that you have a lot of thick bedding in your south-facing slopes.

There is a clear reason for this: south-facing slopes enjoy the sun’s rays at a low angle and tend to be much warmer than north-facing slopes. In addition, south-facing slopes offer natural protection against the harsh and freezing north and north-west winds that blow during the colder months. It is for this reason that whitetail bucks love to bed down in these warmer areas and if you don’t have good bedding areas on south-facing slopes, your odds will be very low of getting a good number of whitetail deer on your property.

Over the years, hunters have seen this strategy work beautifully on their own properties and they enjoy large numbers of mature and big whitetails bucks.

Designing your land in such a way that it attracts plenty of whitetail bucks is not only highly effective, but also a lot of fun and you will love the anticipation of attracting more game as you work!

Log timber strategically.

Cutting timber off trees is essential if you want them to remain healthy. By logging timber in a strategic and careful way, you are also greatly improving the habitat on your land. This is because but down trees create instant and ideal cover in the treetop area and, as time goes by, you will benefit from the increased sunlight that will promote new growth.

Whitetail bucks love an environment with logged down timber and this can increase your chances of having an increased number of them on your land.

If you are unsure how to go about logging timber on your land, we recommend working with a forestry professional who can advise you which areas will benefit from logging.

Eliminate unnecessary trees.

When it comes to land that is the perfect environment for whitetail buck, you need to choose your trees wisely. It is always better to have only a few good quality trees, than too many unnecessary trees that do nothing to attract game to your land.

Again, it is a good idea to consult with a forest professional to find the best solution in terms of trees on your property.


By enhancing the natural habitat for whitetail bucks on your property you end up with a cost effective permanent solution to keep them on your property for many years to come.

Happy hunting, leave comments and questions below.

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  1. What a great article and great pictures. I would love to visit an area like that and spend time with my dog hunting or not. It is great to see the advice you are giving about how to attract these animals. The things you are suggesting, I am guessing that they will not only attract whitetail bucks but other animal and improve the environment.

    • Yes in the end the environment is benefitting and its nice to be out and about just to enjoy the scenery. Thank you for your comment 

  2. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure this quality information will be of great help to anyone who come across this post as it is to me. My neighbor will be very happy to see that his idea of planting a Native grass was the right thing to do for shielding his bucks.

    I will share this with him.

    • Your neighbor can now just improve as he got a good foundation laid He can now think about planting some trees like acorn and apple trees to attract them. Thank you for the feedback that is much appreciated 


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