Best Compound Bow Release, For 2020

If you own a compound bow, you are probably aware that using a bow release (which is an aid to help you make the cleanest shot possible) is always a great idea and if you are still attaching it to your compound bow string it is time to upgrade to a nocking-loop called a D-ring and can be either handheld (thumb release trigger which is best if you are a trigger plunger) or wrist-mounted.

With the right bow release, you can get valuable help in letting go of your bowstring when it is at full draw. All the energy that has been stored in the limbs is then transferred to your arrow, which is then shot as smoothly and cleanly as possible.

There are many bow release models out there and they vary according to their own characteristics and features. This can make choosing the right one for your needs a little overwhelming and confusing.

The good news is that we have conducted some research and, coupled with our own experience, we can recommend the best compound bow releases currently on the market.

Let’s take a look at the best compound bow releases for 2020!

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1) Tru Fire Smoke.

Looking for a good quality bow release that also offers your excellent value for money? Why not consider the very popular TruFire Smoke? This innovative bow release is considered to be the best option for those on a budget or for those who don’t want to spend a small fortune on a bow release.

Nevertheless, it is a solid bow release with a 16 position trigger and a wonderful thumb adjustment system. It also has a handy fold back buckle strap for added strength.

2) Tru Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Max.

Tru Fire is one of the best brands in terms of bow releases and it is easy to see why. Their quality and commitment to a user-friendly and state-of-the-art device is second to none.

The Tru Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Max is definitely their best offering yet and has great features such as adjustable pressure and trigger level, as well as a comfortable, padded buckle that is durable and ergonomic.

3) Scott Archery Releases Little Goose.

The Scott Archery Releases Little Goose is very popular due to its durability, comfortable design and ease of use.

Many folks consider it to be a strong contender for the best bow release out there and they are not wrong! We love the fact that it has a fantastic 1-piece trigger design that allows you to have the maximum draw length. This is definitely a model to consider if you want something that will last and serve you well.

4) Cobra Archery C725T.

Cobra is another brand that has stood the test of time and has a reputation for producing top quality products.

The Cobra Archery C725T is no exception and many believe that it is their premier product at the moment. It features a stainless steel trigger that helps the shooter to increase service time and also has a swanky 360 single caliper head.

5) Tru Fire Edge Buckle Foldback Adjustable Release.

Another quality product offering from the tried and trusted Tru Fire brand is the Tru Fire Edge Buckle Foldback Adjustable Release.

If you are looking for a bow release that offers you all the benefits of a top model at a cost-effective price, this should be the bow release for you. It has a durable fold back strap in addition to a dual caliper release facility that makes use of a spring-loaded trigger.

6) Scott Archery Releases – Hero (for youth and women).

For those who are looking to invest in a great bow release for a teenager or a woman, you may want to consider the highly popular Scott Archery Releases – Hero, which caters to those with a smaller body size.

As the name suggests, it is smaller in size and is ideal for those with smaller hands. It has a buckled nylon strap that provides plenty of silence and comfort and offers you the option of short draw bows.

7) Archery Compound Bow Release.

Another excellent option for a bow release for those who are on a budget is the Archery Compound Bow Release. You can pick one of these up for under $50 at your local archery store or online, making it a cost-effective option.

Although the price is relatively low, the quality has not been compromised and you get a lot of bang for your buck. It boasts a 360 degree rotating trigger head that helps you shoot more easily and accurately. In addition, you can adjust the trigger for a more accurate trigger travel.

All in all, the Archery Compound Bow Release is an all-round, top quality option that will suit both a novice and an experienced shooter.

8) Spot Hogg Wiseguy Release Buckle.

The Spot Hogg Wiseguy Release Buckle is considered by many to be a “jack of all trades” bow release since it has many great features that make for a more precise and easy shoot every single time.

It is great to use due to its lightweight material and is also extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It has a fantastic self-reloading hook as well as an adjustable trigger.

The Spot Hogg Wiseguy Release Buckle is a bow release that many experts often recommend and should be one of your top considerations if you want a bow release that will serve you well.

9) Scott Archery Shark Double Caliber Release.

Although the Scott Archery Shark Double Caliber Release is quite a mouthful and difficult to pronounce, it is much easier to use!

Many folks look for a bow release that is wrist-mounted as opposed to handheld and the Scott Archery Shark Double Caliber Release is one of the best wrist-mounted models currently on the market.

We love its innovative forward positioned knurled trigger and how the adjustable leather strap (with a buckle) feels against the skin.

To Sum It Up

A great quality bow release can help you to achieve better accuracy and precision with your shots and will make your entire compound shooting game that much more enjoyable and efficient.

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4 thoughts on “Best Compound Bow Release, For 2020”

  1. Do those bow releases make it any easier to pull back that string on a compound bow?  The older I get the harder it is to get that thing engaged.  I used to bow hunt with my brothers but now I got to where I fish more because that doggone thing is just too hard to pull back.  You seem to know what you are talking about though, so do you know of any bow that is a little easier to work?  Thanks for your time.

    • Yes the wrist strap release eliminate the strain in the hands and wrist totally but you still need to be able to draw the 50lb. I suggest to hang up the bow and get a crossbow with a cocking device

  2. Hello Phillip, I just got my bow and I still have some more things to add obviously and this compound bow release would make so much sense to make use of it. I am still a newbie to it all and I don’t know if there is anyone’s designed for newbies, but I really like the Cobra Archery C725T and I would love to go for it soon


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