Bow Hunting Tree Stands, Select The Right Tree Stand

Anyone who has been bow hunting for a period of time will know that there are many situations that call for a bit more height and for you to be elevated for maximum accuracy.

It can be incredibly frustrating having to climb a tree and risk breaking a limb for that perfect shot. The good news, however, is that there are many options available for situations that call for a bit more height. Bow hunting tree stands are amazing accessories that can give you all the height you need, while keeping you safe at the same time.

If you do a lot of deer hunting, for example, you will be aware that you often need to be at an elevated position for the most accurate shot.

How do I select the right tree stand for my needs?

Choosing the right tree stand for your specific needs can be a little confusing as there are so many models and options out there.

Of course, the tree stand that you ultimately choose will all depend on how you hunt and what you hunt. Each tree stand has its own unique features and this article will help you to decide on the best model for you if you have just started with stand hunting.

Many folks have been using the same tree stand for many years and there comes a time when you need to upgrade and up your game.

Let’s take a look at the main features you would need to consider when choosing your tree stand…

The height of your tree stand.

The first and possibly the most important, consideration to take into account when selecting a good tree stand is the required height.

It is well worth giving this a lot of thought as it is actually more complicated than it actually seems. Some things that you may want to consider are the height at which you will have the best view of the area around you and also how high you can afford to go so that you can still see through the cover of the tree.

Every bow hunter knows that it is bad news if your scent is caught in the wind and then carried downstream right into the nostrils of the surrounding deer or other prey. A good tree stand should definitely be high enough to avoid this and an easy way to determine this would be to use a kite.

Generally speaking, most bow hunters choose tree stands that range between 16 and 20 feet high. It should therefore come as no surprise that the majority of tree stands on the market have been manufactured to work within this height range.

We recommend making sure that you will not be noticed by the deer while you are on the tree stand and drawing your bow as this will defeat the purpose. A general rule of thumb is that as a bow hunter, you should be a little higher up in the tree than a rifle hunter.

For the best possible results, most bow hunters have tree stands that sit at 20 to 22 feet up.

Which type of tree stand is best for me?

When browsing the store for a tree stand, you will notice that they fall under 3 general categories: climbers, hang-on and ladder tree stands.

Climbers are very popular tree stands because they enable you to literally climb the tree with the use of the stand. The stand’s weight makes use of a fulcrum system that creates a bit of pressure when against the tree and this is what keeps your climber stand securely in place.

The unit’s seat and platform components are separate, allowing you to release the weight on one of the components, and thus bring it into a higher position. In this way, you gradually climb the tree.

The main benefits of climbing stands are that they offer plenty of convenience (as they are portable) and a lot of versatility. Climbing tree stands are wonderfully light, fit easily into your trunk and are easy to carry when walking through the woods to your hunting spot.

They are especially convenient if you don’t like to be restricted to specific positions when bow hunting or if you often hunt on public land and cannot leave your tree stand in place.

Hang-on tree stands offer the best of both worlds between climbers and ladders. They are similar to climbers in that they are portable but they have the added advantage of being more stable.

Like climbers, they can be easily carried and fit into small spaces conveniently. To attach a hang-on stand to a tree, you have to use the straps or brackets that it comes with, so you could leave it in the tree for an extended period.

Some bow hunters find that hang-ons are a bit difficult to climb into but you could purchase a climbing stick for assistance.

If you plan on hunting in a new area and you would like to potentially leave your tree stand in place for a while, this is a great option.

Ladders are an excellent choice, especially if you are worried about being stable in the tree and you want the peace of mind that your tree stand will support you while hunting.

While they are not that portable and can be slightly heavy to carry, they offer the best support and stability in the tree and if you normally hunt in one spot, you could leave it there for many years.

They are always made from high quality and very durable materials and although they can be on the larger side, they offer you much more room to maneuver around and get into the right position for that perfect shot.

You should probably avoid a ladder type if you move around a lot when bow hunting and you don’t want to carry heavy objects. You will also more than likely need a set of helping hands when trying to set it up.

So many options

Single seats and multiple seats, padded seats and canvas or hard seats with different types of cameo patterns, ladders or climbing sticks, We recommend getting a tree stand that is comfortable as priority because you are going to spend many hours in it during a hunting session.

I’ll leave you a link HERE #ad to go through the options available. You may leave me comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Bow Hunting Tree Stands, Select The Right Tree Stand”

  1. I am such a clumsy, I have to use a climber (the one time I was taken hunting). Although, it has been a few years that I have attempted to hunt (I love animals way too much so I have NEVER and intentionally killed anything!). The climbers that was previously mentioned, seemed to be the most used from what I have seen and it looked easy to pack and move around with. 

    I would suggest that beginners start with the climbers as they are the easiest to use and maneuver, happy trails!

    I appreciate your article, informing that particular fact. Loved the article!

    • The climber’s light weight and maneuverability makes them ideal for public land hunting where you need to get in and out with all your equipment. Thanks for your comment

  2. Hello Phillip, thanks for sharing such an amazing article and I really find it engaging and this bow hunting for me would be a really fun activity to get involved in. This is the first time I am getting a full understanding of it and I must say it such a great idea. However, after reading I realized that getting the right stand is where it all matters. 

    • Hello Justin, getting the right stand is very important but is a small part in the bigger picture when the bow hunting bug bites there is a lot to consider fortunately there is options for everybody’s liking and that is the aim here to inform you to the best options available. 


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