Crossbow Hunting Tips, Boost Your Hunting Productivity

Hunting with a crossbow is fun and easy and would be perfect for kids who want to start hunting as it is easy to handel and it is the best option for women and older or people with injuries but still want to get out and hunt. Following these crossbow hunting tips you will absolutely boost your hunting productivity.

What ever the reason you decide to go with a crossbow it is a big step and investing in higher end, high quality crossbow you only reap quality that will last you many years. The same go for the optics, arrows (called Bolts) and broad heads

High Quality Crossbow

The importance of quality can not be stressed enough. I had one, years ago and the frustration of poor accuracy made me lose interest in total never to hunt with it. Only start looking at crossbows again recently.

When you hunt with a crossbow you need a crossbow that is highly accurate and stable. With new technology today it’s done unfortunately it comes with a hefty price tag but you will not regret it.

Draw systems

Crossbows for hunting has a higher draw weight to make them lethal and is required by law so make sure before you purchase a crossbow what your state’s minimum requirements is.

The standard is a rope to draw the string back with optional cranking systems available and usually these don’t have decocking options to decock the crossbow you would fire a decocking bolt into your target or ground.

The higher end crossbows come standard with cocking systems integrated into the stock, some is soundless others will make a ratchet sound which can be a drawback when you crank it in the dead quiet of an early morning.

Good Optics

These days crossbows comes out the box ready to hunt with scopes, these scopes will do the job but some you might need to upgrade on.

Scopes with illuminated multi range reticle is what you need. The illumination help a lot in low light conditions. The optics is sensitive equipment and extra care should always be taken to not bump and knock it as the sight alignment might shift.

Bolts and Broad heads

Crossbow bolts are shorter and stiffer than compound bow arrows because crossbows have a shorter power stroke (draw length) but force a huge amount of energy onto the arrow and they nock differently to the string so always be sure to buy the right stuff. Bolt quality will directly influence the accuracy. Always make sure to buy bolts that match your crossbow’s speed ability.

Broad heads are usually of better quality it’s going to be of your liking what to get but make sure to do a few test shots with them to see if they are true to the field points that’s used for practice. They come in a packet of three use one for the test shots and the other for hunting or sharpen it before hunting.

Range finder

Range finders is really optional but it is better to have the exact distance to the target than guessing and under or over shoot the target. Knowing the distance is the difference between a good placed shot and looking for hours to try to find a wounded animal or completely miss.

There is a wide verity of range finders for crossbows. A 400 yard unit will do the job. Then there are rangefinders that can be mounted on the crossbow, do check them out that’s less movement at the critical moments before the shot


You need to practice a lot if you need to sight the crossbow in find a safe place for in case you don’t hit the target, ones it’s sighted in you can practice in your back yard.

Practice every way you might come to take a shot sitting, standing from the Knee and with a rest most important is to learn not to pull the trigger don’t anticipate the shot because that pull the weapon too but to squeeze the trigger the shot should go off as a surprise and to hold your breath for that duration.


Deer’s eyes, noses and hearing are very sharp as they are animals of prey that’s what keeps them alive. The only way we humans can beet that is to out smart them with camouflage and odor control and to sit still and be very quiet.

Scout the hunting area for traffic look for places where there is high traffic and set up a stand there or at low traffic area set up a deer feeder with a trail camera. You always can plant a feed plot,

During the hunt exploit there nose and hearing to your advantage for example hang out some doe in heat pee then from your stand now and then make a sound of a doe in heat later on play sound of fighting bucks to lure them in.

When in a blind you probably can move at free will but in an open tree stand your movement should be at absolutely minimum because they will see you long before you see them.


Mostly you should do the same as for deer but to keep in mind that turkeys see in full color so to sit around with an orange cap on and moving around is not going to work but always be safe let other hunters know your where a bouts.

Deer feeders with corn make a nice feed spot when they are in the vicinity call them in and have a few decoys set up as they are easily fooled by a decoy.

Make sure you know exactly where the vitals on a turkey is because it is a small target to hit that’s why you need lots of practice before you go out.


Every point of these tips is important to have success hunting with a crossbow my equipment will differ from yours but the general idea is what needs to be put in place you have to tweak the idea to fit your situation.

I wish you all success with your hunting expeditions and most importantly enjoy that crossbow.

Keep your arrows flying


2 thoughts on “Crossbow Hunting Tips, Boost Your Hunting Productivity”

  1. Using a crossbow like the one in the photo would be totally awesome. But you write that it can be good for children and women, isn’t these thing heavy? Because because from the looks of it this doesn’t seem like one that can be easily handled. I had never used one so I am really wondering if they are using light materials to make these…

    • Thanks for the comment. Crossbows weigh roughly between 5.5 lb. to about 8 lb. compound bows weigh roughly 3 lb. to 5 lb. depending on make and model, what make crossbows easier is that if for example compound bow’s draw weight is 40 lb. with a 75% Let-off the archer still have to hold 10 lb. at full draw while the crossbow is cocked and ready. Yes they do their best to bring the weight down without compromising strength and stability.


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