Deer Hunting Stands, A Guideline To Equipment For What Environment.

Like a business you would open, it’s all about location and the right stuff. If, you don’t have traffic to your business then no business. The same for deer hunting stands, traffic is of the utmost importance. Only you will have to find where the deer traffic is then can be decided what type of stand.

The best way to finding the deer traffic is to spend time in the field, find their water hole, find their bedding areas and find their feeding areas walk around and look for foot paths and foot path junctions any of these places is a good place for an ambush although I don’t recommend to hunt their bedding area they might leave the area if there is no safety spot for them anywhere.

On one given piece of land, multiple stands can be set up to diversify your own traffic, if you frequent a particular stand too often they will learn and stay clear of such a stand.

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Open Field Areas

Open fields can be at water holes with limited trees around or crop fields as they favor different crops and the abundance to it or just an open patch inside a wooded area. The hunt over these areas is usually over longer distances ideal for rifles.

Archery hunters will have to work a bit harder they need to look for the deer entrance and exit paths and make a stand at a desirable distance on the edge of the field.

These stands here can be ground blind stands or elevated stands on tripods or quattro pods, open or enclosed each has its own pros and cons.

Forest Areas

Forest or wooded areas would be full of trees, brush and undergrowth it might be wet and muddy too, this favors the archery hunters as most encounters will be at close range with a lot of background brush to which the camouflage blends in.

Often with tree stands the area needs to be cleared of branches, brush and some undergrowth to have a clear shot at a deer this needs to be done in the summer to give the deer time to get used to this new addition to their environment before the hunting season starts

Ground Blinds

Ground blinds comes in all shapes and sizes and are camouflaged, even some that looks like a hay bale. The blind can be erected in such a way that it’s camouflage blends in with the environment and they are generally more affordable.

The hunter stay concealed and less human odor escape to the outside, more movement is permitted. On a cold winter day the hunter is out of the wind and no snow inside that would make a noise under your feet but can warm up when it’s a warm day.

Most of these blinds are made to be shot though the mesh and I have seen test been made it does not affect your accuracy or damage to the arrows.

Ground blinds can be set up on arrival at the designated hunting spot and taken away when you leave that’s if you hunt on public hunting land but an extra effort must be executed for odor control.

Tower Stands & Tree Stands

Tower stands that stand on their own tripods or quattro pods and at different heights can be set up or build basically anywhere. Enclosed stands can be heated up if needed these stands are more of a semi-permanent installation and would stay in the field year round. Specially overlooking a patch of crop field or maybe a feed plot that you are tending trough the year.

Tree stands on the other hand are more movable and comes in hang on stands or ladder stands all make use of a tree for a

sturdy anchor and because your camouflage should blend in with the surroundings it would mostly be open stands.

Hang on tree stands is lightweight and can also be carried in if the need is for that. If you’re hunting spot has a tree with easy to climb limbs and branches then the hang on stand is ideal or an additional ladder can be purchased. The ladder would be strap onto the tree as you climb higher after that the hang on stand will be strap to the tree, two separate units, a one man job.

A ladder stand is a single unit after you assembled it, be sure some ladder stands would need more than one person to erect and secure to a tree. The ladder stand’s climb, entrant and exit is easier and safer because it’s from the front


Safety as always comes first buy a safety harness before you buy a stand too many hunters don’t come back home. Always make a point of it to hook your safety harness on first thing when you enter the stand, things can turn bad unexpectedly especially in the dark very fast.

Your situation is uniquely to you, if you own or have access to hunting land year round or every hunting season then to build is the best option it just give that bit of extra satisfaction but you would need a portable stand to test some sites out during the hunting season.

Comfortability should be a high priority because you are going to spend up to 5 hours and more just sitting in that stand. I hope that you find this helpful or leave me a message if you think of something that I should add here.

Please feel free to comment or leave me a question below.

Happy Hunting and many safe returns

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  1. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. for me I will prefer the Ground blinds because Can be set up ahead of time along trails or set up quickly at advantageous spots during a hunt. Provide effective camouflage or may conceal the hunter totally, allowing more time to prepare for the  shot.


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