HHA Bow Sights, Top 5 HHA bow sights

HHA Bow Sights


When it comes to both bow sights and top quality archery equipment, HHA Sports has definitely been a leader in the market for the past few decades. Their commitment to providing hunters with exceptional equipment and customer service has to gone unnoticed.

Experienced hunters consider HHA Sports to be their first stop when they are looking to buy new hunting equipment and it is easy to see why: HHA bow sights for hunting is made to last and you can easily use it for many decades.

If you are looking for a new (or your first) bow sight, we can highly recommend looking at HHA Sports.

Your bow sight is a very important piece of equipment for hunting with a compound bow and it serves the exact same function as a sight that you would find on a rifle. Generally speaking, your bow sight helps you to see exactly where your arrow is pointed.

This can seem like a simple concept but if you consider that arrows do not travel nearly as fast as bullets do, they are actually quite different.

Because arrows travel through the air relatively slow, they have a more exaggerated parabolic arc in comparison with a bullet. If you often hunt using a gun, you will know that even a tiny change in distance by a few yards has very little impact on your bullet’s accuracy. However, when hunting with a compound bow, even the tiniest change in distance can significantly impact your arrow’s point of contact.

There for it is very important to know the exact distance to your target, always use the same arrows, the same weight, length and spine. The only thing that’s going to change is from the field tip to a broad head tip for hunting and the broad head can fly different from the field tip so that test needs to be taken as well. A small difference in arrow weight is going to have an effect at the point of impact.

So, which HHA bow sights are the most popular and best for your hunting needs? Let’s take a look at the top 5 HHA bow sights for bow hunters…    “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

1) Optimizer Ultra.


If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art bow sight, then you simply cannot go wrong with the Optimizer Ultra! This model has won the Bowhunting World’s Reader’s Choice Award for being the top movable sight for the past 14 years. Investing in this great bow sight will mean that you will have many happy years spent with the best model around. A definite winner!

2) Optimizer Light Cadet.


Looking for a bow sight that offers you the best of both worlds in terms of compactness, quality and durability? The Optimizer Cadet ticks all of these boxes and is incredibly small, lightweight and easy to use.

If you are a novice or you are looking for a great bow sight for a young person, this is definitely your best bet. Its scope housing measures only 1 5/8 inches.

3) Optimizer Tetra.


This Bow sight got only 5 star rating when we research this sight. A mechanical rheostat to control the brightness of the fiber optics for easy target acquisition. Easy grip dial for fast range adjustments from 20 to 100 yards, with a bigger scope ring at 1.625″ and the best of all is there all new waterproof yardage tapes

4) Optimizer Lite


Another bow sight that has won numerous awards is the Optimizer Lite. This popular model has won the Bowhunting World Reader’s Choice Award for the past 10 years for being the top movable sight. It gives you amazing accuracy and is wonderfully durable and high quality, and it should last you for several decades. Its dimensions are 1 5/8 inches, and 1 3/4” inches, making it a strong contender if you need the best bow sight around.

5) Optimizer Lite King


What make this Bow sight special is that this single pin mover is loaded with features that no other sight can offer, you get interchangeable wheels for the yard tapes. This way you can change between light and heavier arrows or different draw weights

In the End

HHA Bow sights has been established as a market leader and favored by many hunters, You will be happy with a HHA bow sight and it will give you reliable and trouble free service for years to come.

Leave me comments about your experiences with your HHA bow sight below.

4 thoughts on “HHA Bow Sights, Top 5 HHA bow sights”

  1. This American-made Optimizer bow sights has impressed me. I had never used any of their sights until last week and the results have blow my head. Not in vain is their line an award-winning line.

    Taking aim with an accurate archery sight from HHA has completly change my game. And I wanted to share my surprise.

    • Hi Paolo

      Yes their quality is at a very high standard and sought after by many old hunters. 

      Thank you for sharing your experience with HHA bow sights with us it’s much appreciated.

  2. In my country, there are very few bow sights and some times when you visit there are a large number of people out there and it very understanding. I gave decided with my friends to take our time and travel to various bow sights, so coming across this one makes me happy and I’m happy to share with them as well. Cheers


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