Hunting Archery Equipment – What’s needed on the trip out

What is needed to make a hunting trip successful. These days there is equipment that go with your archery hunting equipment as the arrow go with the bow. It’s nothing like rifle hunting where you grab a gun go out and harvest an animal over longer distances.

The distance with archery hunting, is at 20 yards preferably 20 yards and out to 40 yards, confidence with longer shots come with lots of practice. To be able to achieve this 20 yards you have to out smart the animal’s super senses which gives them a huge advantage the only way to level the playing field is with your equipment and understanding of their behavior.

The tips that I am go to give here is my experiences in the field and should be used as a guide line, Your situation and environment may be totally different from mine for example from savannas to forest.

Next year’s hunting season start when this year”s hunting season ends. Review this year’s, what work or what did not. Scout for new stands if needed and plan ahead of the hunting season or make changes where needed. Let’s look at the different equipment that is needed to make a hunting trip successful.

Bow and Arrows

The bow and arrows is what is determining the rest of your equipment. The bow get setup with accessories to your liking at the point of sale you might change here and there as new accessories come on the market. Its good to keep up to date with new developments. Experiment with broad heads, I bought a set each of fixed blade and mechanical broad heads and with excellent accuracy I prefer a smaller fixed blade broad head.

Camouflage Clothes

From extreme cold conditions to more mild and warmer winter our clothing gear is go to be different to

protect you from natures cold depending on you region. Please stay warm.

What is extremely important is that the cameo color scheme should resemble the environment you are in for example if you are in an area with some snow and gray tree trunks everywhere but walk around in a nice bright green real tree suit you are go to stand out from a mile and believe me the slightest movement on your part and the deer’s sharp eyes will pick it up.

Here I used an old coverall that closely resemble the wood’s color of a tree stand that I had builded earlier in the summer.

Odor control

Odor control go a far way and there is really good stuff on the market, if you slip up here an opportunity is go to slip away from you when those excellent smell senses get a hold of you odor. On the day of the hunt the wind can come out of any direction or change suddenly. Your hunting equipment should at least include odor control body wash, detergents and sprays or something to mask you own odor on the higher end there is fancy gadgets like ionizers that helps a lot. Tip: I shower before each trip and never brush my teeth when I go out as they will smell that mint very easy.

Range Finder

A range finder is very essential If you are not good at judging distance. I sit in my stand and making me some reference points as to where my 20, 30 and 40 yard radiuses would be because you want to limit fiddling around, they will see it.

For bow hunting you don’t need a range finder that can do 1000 yards unless you are go to use it in the rifle season too. A good range finder doing 400 to 600 yards is more than enough.


Binoculars is good to scout as I have never heard any deer coming in but always by sight. You want a binocular with high magnification but a light compact unit in the 10×42 range.

Trail cameras

I can not go without my trail cameras that way I monitor what’s happening in my hunting fields. I scout for areas with high traffic and set up a trail camera to see if the spot is worth a try then I would install a tree stand to get them used to it well before the hunting season.

The cameras that sent photos in real time works very well for this they are expensive but worth it, look out for specials on them.

Tree Stands and Blinds

Tree stand or blind is mostly go to dependent on the area which way to go. Each got its pros and cons that’s up to you. The main thing about them is they got to be up well in advance so that the animals get time to get used to it.

I used some discarded wood boards to build me a tree stand for the cost of the screws. Pallets can be used too and might need paint to preserve them but don’t wait for the fall to build it.

Safety Harness

A safety harness is matter of life and death. Think of it this way if you tell your wife you will be back at noon and you go out at 5:30am you slip and fell out of your tree stand when you climb in get knocked unconscious on the ground you can lay there for 6 to 8 hours before people start looking for you.

Backpack and Rope

A descent size not to big nor too small because there is a good amount of your equipment going in there. A backpack with outside pockets work well that way you don’t have to unpack every thing that might be at the bottom.

The rope is to hoist every thing up into the stand for safety reasons. Put a clip on on one end then feed that through loops on the backpack and then through the bow too then climb with the rope only, to many accidents has happened going up with every thing on the person.


I envy the old school callers some hunters just sound so much more true than electronic calling equipment. Whatever your preference you need this, only make sure it is allowed in your state.

Flash light

Something small and lightweight with a red light. When you sneak into your tree stand or blind you don’t want to give away your presence by using a bright white light. I got a headset with a blood light too for if I need to trail an animal in the dark


You will need some sort of trail marker to bring you back to your harvest when you fetch the truck or some sort of retriever. There is some nice GPS gadgets to mark the spot or even toilet paper can be used to run a trail.

Knife and Hoist

A knife is always purposeful, if you go to gut it you need a good sharp knife. You can do it on ground or hoist it up now you can leave the hoist in the truck or get a lightweight frame and use the same rope which can all fit in your backpack.


Don’t forget a pen to write out the tag. This guide line can help you to get the essential hunting archery equipment to take out with you on the trip. What you did not use over the hunting season you can take out of the backpack to save space and weight.

I hope that this is helpful, Save returns and happy hunting

6 thoughts on “Hunting Archery Equipment – What’s needed on the trip out”

  1. There are a lot of things to consider here… and good to know about the binoculars and camouflage. I would not have considered the need to have the clamouflage chosen to match the environment, but can say from my experience you’re right that the slightest movement will be picked up by their peripheral vision and then that’s it! 

    Having layers when going out for the day is good to… as I know the weather can change dramatically in the mountains over a short space of time

    Thank you!

  2. Again I have been looking through your site and although I am not a fan of hunting on moral grounds, my morals by the way,  so I am not judging here, and you do know your stuff. This is like a step by step guide on what to take on a trip and a very clear description of each item.You even got me freaking out at the thought of a knife so your descriptive nature is working!

    If you were into planning a trip I would certainly print this guide out for my planning trip. Alas it is not my thing or for me. I certainly learned something however! I would love to know what demographics this sport attracts? I find that data interesting.

    • Thanks although you are not a fan good comment. Demographics? You will be absolutely surprised to see how many woman is taking up  compound bow hunting, generally a true hunter would start in his teens hunting with dad and do it for life.

  3. This is a good article on having the proper equipment on a archery hunting trip. The proper clothes with proper camouflage is a must so you are not that easy to be spotted by wildlife. Proper odor control is important and many hunters are known to use it. Tree stands are always a good idea as game can be spotted more easily. Of course binoculars and trail cameras will also be helpful in discovering animal movements. And knives, backpacks and rope are a must for any hunter out for a weekend or longer hunt. Last but not least a high quality set of archery equipment is very important for any hunter. There is some very good information here about the right kind of equipment to use on a hunting trip.


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