Improving Archery Accuracy. Start with the basics

There is really only one thing that every bow hunter would like, and that is, improving archery accuracy!

Being able to shoot in a more consistent way with added precision will allow you to get your targets, more often. So, how can you improve your accuracy and what are the top tips? This article will discuss the best ways in which you can do this!

Ensure that you are shooting at the correct distance.

One of the most basic questions that every beginner asks is what distance they should be from their target.

There is actually no hard and fast rule and it all depends on accuracy: how accurate you can shoot at a specific distance.

You may want to play around with the distance until you find one that you feel more comfortable with. This allows you to gain more practice and you will soon find that you are able to shoot from a greater distance.

We recommend starting at 5 to 10 yards from your target and then increasing the distance whenever you are able to shoot with precision.

Pay attention to your anxiety and remember to breathe.

This might seem like a basic concept but bow hunting requires your body to feel relaxed and your breathing to be slow and regular.

We all become excited when hunting and it can feel exhilarating when you spot potential prey but this tension and excitement can actually work against you.

When hunting, you need to consciously tell yourself to breathe slowly and regularly. Holding your breathe when you spot a deer can seem like the natural next move but you may mess up your shot if you don’t breathe deeply, relax and focus on what you need to do.

How you should breathe when taking a shot. Take a deep relaxed breathe when drawing the arrow then let it slowly out while lining up your aim and hold your breathe before releasing the arrow.

Bow hunting should be relaxing and fun, not anxiety-inducing and stressful so remember to make sure you are in the right mindset before starting!

You should only shoot a draw weight that you are able to support.

We fully understand that it can be a sign that you are a great bow hunter if you’re able to draw a heavyweight. Many bow hunters brag about the weights that they can shoot but this does not necessarily mean that they are the best hunters or have won any competitions.

Quite the contrary! Bow hunting is a very complicated and precise sport and it is always advisable to have the correct form. In addition, it all comes down to you as an individual and how heavy you can shoot while still being precise and accurate.

It is for this reason that you should never beat yourself up if you can’t shoot a fifty pound bow, for example. It is perfectly acceptable to shoot at the weight you feel the most comfortable with.

Even if you can physically shoot a very heavy bow (such as a sixty pound one), this does not mean that it’s the most suitable bow. In this case, you may be sacrificing precision for weight and this is a big no-no!

Try to shoot the same arrows each time.

Many bow hunters complain about their lack of accuracy and precision but also love shooting with a whole bunch of arrows that are mismatched arrows!

If this sounds like you, we can understand that arrows can be really expensive, but uniformity is key if you want to be as accurate as possible: there is simply no way around this.

We highly recommend investing in good quality arrows (of the same brand) that are all the same and then practicing as much as possible. If you do this, you will notice that you become much more accurate and you will be glad that you invested in some good arrows!

The arrows you shoot with should also be the same arrows that you used to sight the bow in with so if you are slightly of this might be the reason.

Pay attention to your posture.

Once aspect of bow hunting that many people overlook is their posture. This many sound boring, but your posture is very important if you want to improve your accuracy!

Did you know that how good or bad your posture is can greatly affect your aim? We highly recommend thinking about your posture and if it is working for or against you.

Most bow hunters know exactly how to position themselves when shooting but posture is equally as important.

It is a good idea to practice in front of a full-length mirror so that you can see your entire body. Take your bow and try to draw as you usually do when hunting. Once your bow has been drawn, take a look in the mirror and consider if your posture is good enough.

You might want to repeat this process a few times to ensure that you have a good idea about the nature of your posture.

Relax the hand that grips your bow.

You could have the latest and greatest hunting gear in the world, but you will always struggle with accuracy if you don’t try to relax the hand that grips your bow! Your non-dominant hand can have a massive impact on your shot accuracy and, with this in mind, you should pay attention to how tight you are holding it.

Most folks have a grip that is too tight so make a conscious effort to relax it as much as possible and you will soon see a pleasing difference!

Pay attention to your footing.

The position in which your feet are placed is a major factor when it comes to the accuracy of your shots. This may seem like a minor detail but your feet placement can really have a large influence on your shots.

It is a good idea to pay a lot of attention to your aim, but your feet need some love as well. As a general rule of thumb, the wider apart your feet are, the better and the stronger they will be when you are shooting. We recommend having your feet around a shoulder-length apart and always paying attention to how wide apart your feet are before making the shot.


We always look at the bow but forget to look at ourselves to correct an accuracy problem. The slightest correction of these topics discussed above will make a huge difference in your archery accuracy.

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  1. I’m not really into archery and I know a very little about it but I’ve read a couple of books that talks about some of its components. I believe Archery is a very serious art that demands utmost patience and calmness. It’s very good that you shared this article, it’ll be of help to archers who are willing to get better

    • As an avid archery hunter myself, archers always tend to help one another and that’s the aim of this site and I do believe that some information will help someone to improve their archery skills. Thanks for your comment.

  2. hellooo admin thanks alot for sharing such an amazing post with us all, i was actually doing some research online when i saw your post, i really want to commend your effort in bringing up these site,I hope everyone reading your article will find out some important information and will definitely share with you their new experience. 

    • I’m glad you found my post and I would like it if people would share their improvements with me. Thank you for the comment it’s most appreciated 

  3. hello there amazing article you have here this really caught my attention as i was scrolling through it i just could not ignore it i loved the way you stated the processes honestly i have been wanting to learn archery and i think am good to go after seeing this steps you listed in this article thanks fro this with me.

    • Archery is a sport that will grow on you with many levels to take it to like competitive archery, hunting and bow fishing. Thank you for a positive comment I’m glad I could help to push on your decision making.


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