TRUGLO Range-Rover Pro LED Bow Sight 1Dot Review, My Best Sight

Product: TruGlo’s Range Rover Pro LED 1dot bow sight

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Range Rover Pro mounted see the green dot

Product Description: The Range Rover Pro features an innovative Power-Dot illuminated center dot technology that loses the pin of original pin sights and replace that with a circle and a lighted center dot for superior accuracy.

The LED is fully adjustable to match your desired level under any light conditions with an auto-off after about 4 hours of no use.

The Yardage dial is smooth, fast and precise with a lock function. A large field of view with a glow-in-the-dark shooters ring and a tool less design.

Pros & Cons: My accuracy has improved dramatically, the yardage tape give yardage in 5 yard increments with 80 pre-marked yardage tapes. Sighting it in was a breeze, very easy. A wide open field of view with no obstructions from pins.

The quiver mount is included and is adjustable for right and left-handed shooters. With the accessory lens kit your get 2x magnification to help improve your accuracy

Cons is like with any single pin sight, is that I work more between the range finder and the dial because it can be dial into almost the exact distance but that is forgivable for the added accuracy.


Price: Fairly priced on Amazon


My Overall Ranking: 9.5 out of 10. I have been hunting with the Range Rover Pro now for over 2 years and still is as happy with it as the day I bought it. This bow sight has improved my accuracy and confidence to take longer shots.

I recommend the Range Rover Pro from TruGlo any time it is money well spend

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  1. Thanks for the review! I was thinking about getting this sight but I wanted to learn a bit more about it before taking the plunge and making the purchase. I like the fact that the LED is adjustable depending on the conditions that I am in. Thanks again for the review!

  2. Hey thank you so much for sharing this review it is very detailed and you left no room for questions because your article is very detailed and l am happy to have come across your article as it is very helpful i have never used range rover pro before but i now see its a must buy product 


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