Turkey hunting crossbow, Points to remember

One of the most popular hunting methods at the moment is turkey hunting with your favorite crossbow. This has risen greatly in popularity over the past few years and it is no surprise that many hunters now consider crossbow hunting the best way to hunt a wild turkey in the archery season.

In terms of effectiveness and versatility, the crossbow comes out tops when hunting for wild turkeys.

Even though turkey hunting with a crossbow has become incredibly popular, this doesn’t mean that it is easy. Successfully hunting for wild turkeys with a crossbow requires a lot of practice, patience and accuracy.

Turkey’s Vision

Wild turkeys have excellent omnidirectional directional vision and see all colors maybe more than what you and I can see but the slightest of movement will not escape their eyes it is very important to have proper cover when you are hunting.

Without sufficient cover or camouflage that blends in and by this I mean it won’t help if you look like a walking tree in a grass land, it is very likely that your targeted turkey will spot you and will run away.

Your Crossbow

These days, the modern crossbow is extremely user-friendly and high-tech. The newer your crossbow is, the more likely it is to be very accurate, incredibly narrow and precise. These characteristics help you to hunt wild turkeys much easier and, whether you like to hunt out in the open or you prefer doing so from the comfort of a blind, your crossbow is the ideal hunting tool for bagging a wild turkey this season.

There are many advantages to using crossbows for hunting wild turkeys but the main benefit is that you do not have the additional movement of drawing a crossbow that you would have with a vertical bow. All you really need to do is pre-cock your crossbow, load a bolt and then you are ready and you simply have to wait for the perfect turkey to enter your line of vision.

Advantage of the crossbow

Hunters who enjoy wild turkey hunting with crossbows also mention that the accessories give them the upper hand. For example, stabilization tools like a bi pot or shooting stick can help you to achieve amazing accuracy with every shot. A bi pot can also be integrated directly into your stock and this means that you will have one less item to carry around with you when hunting in the woods.

This hands-free benefit can make crossbow hunting incredibly convenient and effortless.

Another great advantage of hunting with a crossbow for wild turkeys is that it offers you a lot of versatility. Most modern crossbows have ergonomic designs and are narrow and this helps you to remain concealed, but still able to move around when hunting. Crossbows work just as well if you like to hunt out in the open or from a blind and you will feel comfortable and ready to shoot at any time, never having to work your body into difficult and awkward positions to make a shot.

With all these advantages, you will be hard-pressed to find a better weapon for hunting wild turkey. Crossbows give you the best of both worlds: they allow you to use archery equipment for the archery season, and giving you the same, if not better, effectiveness than a shotgun,

Once you have hunted for turkeys with a crossbow, you will never want to go back as it gives you an adrenaline rush like nothing else.

The Broad Head

When hunting for turkey with your crossbow, we recommend using a wider cutting broad head on your crossbow bolts. There is a good reason behind this: it is because a turkey’s vitals is very small and by using a wider cutting edge broad head it increases your change to hit the vitals of the turkey.

As long as you select the right bolt and broad head for hunting wild turkeys, you will have a better outcome and will bag a turkey before you know it.


Practicing on a turkey target can also help you to be more successful with your crossbow hunting. There are many great 3-D wild turkey targets available on the market and it will prove to be an excellent investment in the long run.

The spine of a turkey is less than an inch in diameter but you should aim to shoot through the turkeys vital organs, and the spine as this will yield better results. Study the anatomy of a turkey so that you would know where to sent your bolts because the feathers make them look like a big target but in fact you might run trough the tail feathers.

If you have ever hunter wild turkeys before, you will know that this kind of hunting is really exciting. This excitement and adrenaline rush can sometimes lead you to make rash and poor decisions. Try your best to remain calm and to make logical decisions when it comes to shots. Avoid at all costs taking lucky shots and ones at a bad angle as this will not yield good results. With a calm and collected head, you will be able to take a measured shot that will get you the turkey you want.

Many crossbow hunters like to add lighted nocks when hunting for wild turkeys. This is especially useful if you have shot a turkey that then runs away with your bolt. You may have to wait until the sun starts to go down to retrieve your bolt but if you are patient enough, this can easily be done. If you are considering using lighted nocks for turkey hunting, it is recommended that you try a few colors before settling on one that shows up the best for you.


Don’t be afraid to shoot the wild turkey twice if you need to. Very often, the turkey will be lying down after your shot and if its head is still up, you still may not be able to finish it off as they can easily sense human danger and will try to run away and find cover. Remember that it only takes a few seconds for you to re-cock your crossbow, so slide another bolt into the rail and make certain that the turkey does not get away. This is well worth the effort and can mean the difference between getting a turkey or not.

Leave me your experiences and tips turkey hunting in the comments below, it might be helping someone.

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  1. Well, I’m not actually a turkey hunter, but my nephew uses a cross bow routinely for deer. I have to ask him if he has shot turkey as well. Your comments with regard to how “fluffy” they are is well taken. The body is actually much smaller than one would think. So, yes, you could “stun” him, and he could look like he sort of fell down, but it might not have been enough, so you have to be sure you really hit the bird, and not just feathers. Some good stuff here, Thanks!

    • Hi Marsha yes the actual size of a turkey is deceiving and a hunter need to make sure he/she know where to aim from all angles to hit the vitals 


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