Whitetail Deer Food Plot Seed, What to look for

Are you interested in being more successful this coming fall with your whitetail deer hunting? Having a fall food plot to attract more whitetails to your hunting area can be a great idea but a little planning is involved.

When you start to plan and plant your fall food plot, this can be almost as exciting as the first fall hunting. Just the thought of all the great whitetails you will attract is an amazing thought.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to choose the best type of seed to plant. This is half the battle and if you can get this right, you will be well on your way to achieving all your hunting targets this year.

So, what seed is best for your fall food plot? Let’s take a look at the top rated whitetail deer food plot seed.

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1) Rackmaster Clover Trio.

Clover is always very well-loved among whitetail deer and if you are looking for a good quality seed, then Rackmaster Clover Trio should definitely be a consideration. This product is a great combination of perennial and annual clover plants that mature at different times.

This provides the whitetail deer on your land or hunting ground with plenty of much-needed protein to give the deer a lot of energy. Once planted and germinated, you should see around 10 months of clover plants, making it a very good option.

2) Hancock’s Deer Greens Mixture.

#ad Hancock’s Deer Greens Mixture is a great, all-round product, especially if you are looking for something that is cost-effective and economical. This product is an excellent combination of brassicas, which are very tasty to the majority of whitetail deer.

Once planted, Hancock’s Deer Greens Mixture will give you succulent brassicas for whitetail deer during the late fall and throughout the winter, even when temperatures are below freezing. In fact, the freezing temperatures actually increase the sugar content of the brassicas’s leaf, making it even more tasty to the deer foraging.

In addition to the sugar content, this product is also high in protein and very digestible for deer and they will enjoy feeding on your plot, especially when there is not much else around in the winter.

3) Rackmaster Deluxe Spring/Summer Mix.

Another excellent product from the Rackmaster brand is their Deluxe Spring/Summer Mix. This is a very balanced combination of various seeds, including cow peas, soybeans, sorghum, iron clay, buckwheat and sunflower. The very intelligent combination of these different seeds gives whitetail deer everything they need in terms of nutrition and for body growth, antler development, milk production and more.

In addition, if you are looking to attract other targets like quail, turkey or even doves, this will attract them and you will enjoy a very diverse hunting offering during the fall.

4) Brassica Plus.

Just as the name suggests, Brassica Plus is a seed that grows into a brassica plant. After the first frost and after the seeds have germinated, the leaves will be even sweeter, making them irresistible to whitetail deer.

Be sure to plant these seeds during the early summer after you have carefully tilled the soil on your fall food plot. After watering the ground, you can expect the seeds to germinate in the early fall.

5) Annual Ryegrass.

Annual Ryegrass is an amazing product because you will have some seeds germinating during the early fall, and then the rest of the seeds will germinate later on. This gives your deer a steady supply of food throughout the hunting season.

We recommend planting these seeds during the early spring (or late spring, if you are running behind schedule). If you want to achieve a higher forage volume, be sure to plant the seeds no later than the early spring, though. However, if you are more interested in high quality foliage, then you could plant them in the fall.

6) Border Patrol.

Border Patrol is a popular seed product from the KFP brand. Brand Patrol combines the best of all their seed offerings, such as soybeans and winter peas. Once you have planted the seeds, they will take a few months to germinate and you can expect a wall of succulent plants that are quite high (anything from 8 to 12 feet).

This makes it easily recognizable to whitetail deer, which is exactly what you want for your fall food plot. The height of the plant also gives the deer a sense of security from predators.

In terms of taste, whitetail deer love soybeans and winter peas. This also gives them a lot of protein nutrition.

This product is best planted in full sunlight and can easily be sown in a wide range of soil types, including sandy, clay, rocky and loamy. It is recommended that you plant it during the late spring or early summer.

7) KFP Premier Chicory.

Chicory offers deer a whopping 40% protein content, making it one of their preferred plants during the fall months. Even if it is planted during the spring or summer, you don’t have to worry about it being affected by the heat or lack of rain as it is a very hardy plant.

A 3 pound bag of this product can easily cover at least an acre of your hunting ground. It is also suitable for a range of soil types (e.g., rocky, loamy, sandy and clay). However, you would do best planting it in soil that enjoys moderate to dry conditions and can drain well.

8) Winter Rye Seed by Discount Lawn Care.

Winter Rye Seed by Discount Lawn Care comes in a large 10 pound bag and will produce an attractive cereal rye plant that will definitely draw a group of whitetail deer to your land.

If you live in a cold area, you need not worry as this kind of rye tolerates the cold very well. It will suppress the growth of weeds so you can just sit back while your rye plant gets rid of them.

It is recommended that this seed product is planted in the late fall to make the most of its growth cycle.



This should give you a good idea of what seeds to use on the bright side there is already mix bags of seed available and you only have to make sure that you get all or most of these seeds in one bag. You might have to buy a bag from two different packers to get the majority of these seeds but if you miss out on a few varieties it won’t be the end of the world you can always go to your local co-op and get a specific seed that you are looking for.

To help you in you search I have a link for you to Amazon’s list. Here #ad

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

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  2. Whitetail deers sound like really exciting prey and it’s great that you’ve offered some quality hunting tips about the proper food plot seed to use for them. Your article ‘Whitetail Deer Food Plot Seed, What to look for’ was really illuminating and informative and I enjoyed reading it thoroughly. Thank you for sharing this valuable information. 


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