Whitetail Deer Hunting Videos, Critical Viewing Tips To Learn More

There is so much more to hunting videos than what meets the eye. Yearly thousands of hunting videos are being posted on the internet and if you are in the position to do like wise I’ll be looking at them. Making videos of your hunt is adding a new perspective to your hunt with the bonus of reliving the hunting event over and over.

From the videos you can see mistakes you made maybe scared a nice buck away or things that you can improve on to make the hunt  even better, slight changes you can make that you would not have picked up if you did not film the event. No excuses to make your own whitetail deer hunting videos so get out and go wild.

For the most part when we look at white tail deer hunting videos we want to just sit back and relax and to see the monstrous buck someone els arrowed, but can we learn something, can we take tips, fore sure we can. I am going to give you new way of looking at these videos to learn a few tips and tricks than just watching the videos.

General Hunting Videos

There is various videos on all the species that can be hunted and it is nice to get a general view of how to hunt each species especially species that you would never hunt and to see how dangerous some animals can be but for the purpose of this post we will concentrate on white tail deer and what you can get from the videos.

Tips From White Deer Hunting Videos

Each and every video will hide tips in them you should just be aware and focused to pick them out. Every video will be different from the next so lots of tips to look out for.

Always look at how the hunter sets himself up, form the environment, his stand, his actions that leads up to the shot there just might be something he does that you can copy. In his environment you might see resemblances to your own area look critically at how he sets himself up for the hunt.

Look at the deer’s behavior before and after the shot. You might see something that you can use to your own advantage. Pay attention to shot placement as no shot is 100% straight on, first the hunter is 9 out of 10 times shooting at an angle from above and then the deer can stand with it’s head or butt towards the hunter all these has an impact on shot placement that needs a decision in split seconds.

Deer Behavioral Videos

You can learn a lot on whitetail deer behavior by watching hunting videos but do go and look at whitetail deer behavioral videos at least a few so that you can learn how they function in the wild and why they do what they are doing.

If you understand the deer’s behaviors it will make it easy to lure that big monstrous buck into your ambush area

Weapon Specific Videos

When looking at videos that are weapon specific that means if you are a compound bow hunter you can get even more information that is related to compound bow hunting like the type of environment, open field or bush, when does the hunter get up or does he shoot in the sitting position and why. Very important is to see when he draw and how long before the shot does he draw the bow back. It is critical to mention here that you need to know how long can you hold your compound bow at full draw and still take a good shot.

Last Say

You can get a lot of information just by looking at videos there is videos that only give footage of the shot and the buck afterwards but then there is video’s that give a mountain of information from the equipment to camping and camping food, walking and stalking and the processing afterwards to name a few.

YouTube is full of videos but I got a liking in the “The Hunting Channel Online”¬† too, they sure do give a lot of tips away on various topics.

Any questions or comments are welcome leave them be low and I will get back to you

Happy hunting and many save returns

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